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After the Nicaraguan Revolution (1962-1990), many Nicaraguan refugees fled and settled in the Guatemalan town of Cobán. As a result of government neglect and discrimination, the rural refugee town is one of many impoverished regions in the country.

Due to a lack of hospitals and poor healthcare opportunities, citizens of Cobán are often forced to live with very treatable sicknesses (i.e. common cold, flu, cough, etc.), many of which can lead to death.
As children are among the most susceptible to these illnesses, Site for Smiles and Smarts formerly financed efforts to address health issues in the region. In collaboration with the King Edward Medical College Alumni Association (KEMCAANA), Site for Smiles and Smarts previously raised funds to allow a team of American doctors to travel to Cobán to treat patients' sicknesses and provide health check-ups for local children. Funds were also used to pay for medical equipment and supplies.

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