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Since 1987, the nation of Uganda has continued to face oppression by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Designated by the US State Department as a terrorist group, the LRA has become known for raiding villages, killing innocents, and leaving destruction.

In 2002, Ugandan activist Alice Achan founded the Pader Girls Academy in Pader District, Uganda. Created with the mission of aiding female victims of the LRA, the Pader Girls Academy has empowered thousands in its 16-year history.

The Pader Girls Academy's student body is primarily comprised of "child mothers", young teenagers that are often kidnapped, raped, and impregnated by soldiers of the LRA. Ostracized from their villages due to cultural traditions, these young mothers are forced to live in poverty.

The Pader Girls Academy works to empower these women by providing them with vocational training as well as continuous treatment throughout their pregnancies. Their children are also endowed with education-based scholarships, initiating a cycle of prosperity.

Site for Smiles and Smarts formerly partnered with Alice Achan's Pader Girls Academy by funding the acquisition of textbooks, encyclopedias, science lab equipment, and other educational materials for students at the school.

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