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In the state of Iowa, one in five children face malnourishment as well as constant hunger. Though local public schools provide complimentary breakfast and lunch for impoverished students, these children maintain no source of food at dinnertime or during the weekends.


Site for Smiles and Smarts has occasionally collaborated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa as part of a club program called, 'Feeding the Future'. Through this initiative, children in Des Moines receive backpacks filled with food and supplies at their local Boys and Girls Clubs. Each backpack maintains resources that not only sustain a child, but also an entire family. To date, Site for Smiles and Smarts has sponsored over 3700 food-filled backpacks for local youth.

In 2017, Site for Smiles and Smarts helped organize a friendly fundraising competition between two Des Moines-area high schools, Valley High School and Roosevelt High School, as both sought to raise more donations for 'Feeding the Future'. The competition culminated in a talent show featuring performances by students from both schools. Click here to see photos!

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