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Films for Change

Site for Smiles and Smarts is excited to announce the creation of a third awareness initiative: 'Films for Change'.

Film knows no borders. In a time of political strife, social change and unity appear to be an impossibility. However, stories of humanity are able to achieve both: by sharing the stories of the oppressed, film and the arts demonstrate an understanding and elicit emotions that cannot be found in any other form of communication. ​

In 'Films for Change', Site for Smiles and Smarts does just that, by empowering children through school workshops to use film in order to change the world for the better. ​ From documentaries about Holocaust survivors to short narratives sending powerful messages about love and compassion, Site for Smiles and Smarts continues to highlight the voices of the silenced, uplift the oppressed, and bring unity on an international scale. ​


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